Calling All Chattanooga Flippers – Builders – Sellers

This time of year is huge in the buying and selling of homes. This is the time to make updates and improve your home value. Whether you are a flipper, real estate agent, builder or just someone trying to sell your home…this applies to you.

Adding granite countertops in the Chattanooga, TN area can improve your home value retail plus 20%. This means that if you spent $2,000 on updating your countertops then you have increased value of $2,400 an increase of $400 plus your money back on your upgrade.

Why upgrade your countertops? That is simple. Most people when looking to buy a home want something turn-key. They want something they aren’t required to work on to make it their dream home. This applies especially to the kitchen area.

Another helpful tip is to choose a stone that you absolutely LOVE! This is so that when a buyer enters your home during a showing they love your countertops too. Most flippers and sellers make the mistake of choosing a cheap stone but what real value do they add by doing that? Later in the future the new homeowner will want to change the tone with a new stone from our Chattanooga granite yard. It will also be something that could keep your potential buyers on the fence. Other homes they are looking at have the granite, marble or quartz that they desire so why would they choose to buy your home.

In the rental market you can ask for what your perceived rental value is. This is made up of various aspects of your home like the look and feel, the updates you have done, how nice it is, does it feel homey? Updating your countertops is a sure fire way to ask for more rent. This is always something to consider when getting into the rental market.

Stone is very durable so do not worry with it lasting or renters damaging the stone. It is not likely that this will happen.

Give us a call today to discuss your project. We will gladly give you our honest opinion and look forward to working with you to upgrade your kithen and bathroom countertops.