Granite Countertop Edges & Finishes

Did you know that you can order different style edges for your custom countertops? There’s plenty of options out there. Below are some of the edges we offer on our granite or quartz countertops.

Pencil: The Pencil edge is a nice thinly rounded edge.



Bevel: The Bevel edges are sloped cuts taking the sharpness out of the edge. We offer this edge in different widths: 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 measured by inch.


1/8 Bevel


1/4 Bevel


1/2 Bevel

Half Bullnose: The Half Bullnose edge is rounded, just like the Pencil edge, only larger.


Half Bullnose

Come by our showroom to see and feel these edges in person. We will help you pick out the right edge for your new countertops.
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You probably already know about polished granite countertops. They are the most popular option. But did you know there are other finish options available? See some examples below.


Polished: The shiny finish you typically see on granite kitchen countertops. It’s a classic that never goes out of style. It’s reflective and eye-catching, yet smooth and easy to clean. That’s what make this such an ideal finish for a kitchen countertop.

Note the orange reflecting off this polished finish


Honed: This is a matte finish, as opposed to the shiny look that a polished finish gives. Even though it’s not reflective, it’s still a smooth surface. This finish is especially ideal for granite flooring as it hides dirt better than the attention drawing finish of polished.

Note the matte finish of this honed Pebble quartz


Leathered: Much like the honed finish, the leathered finish is matte. Like real leather, this finish creates a slightly textured surface. Given its rustic look, this finish is best for shabby chic looks in bathrooms or even fireplaces. This option is always a great choice for marble countertops since marble is easily scratched. It will hide most scratches since it is a dull finish. It is always recommended with softer stones in any room of your home.


Note the sheen look of this leathered Titanium granite


Concrete: This finish is popular on grey granites. It resembles the look and feel of concrete but it has the strength and integrity of granite. With concrete countertops becoming a popular option right now, concrete finished granite is definitely something to consider instead.


Left side shows the polished finish compared to the right side with concrete finish

As you can see there are many options available for your style and particular need. Come by our showroom located at 5132 Dayton Blvd Chattanooga, TN 37415 to see your countertop options. Or if you’d like to ask more questions by phone call us at (423) 498-4430