Quartz Countertops vs Marble Countertops

Are you thinking about upgrading your countertops but just not sure what you want? Maybe you like the popular white marble countertops you’ve seen online or in luxury homes. If so, did you know that there are quartz countertop options that resemble white marble? Now you may be asking yourself, “Why do I want to get quartz to look like marble when I can just buy marble?” Let me show you the difference between quartz and marble. I’ll let you decide.


  • non-porous

Quartz is naturally very stain resistant. Being non-porous allows it to resist staining without the need for a seal.

  • easy maintenance

Since quartz is non-porous this makes it easy to maintain and there is no need to seal it. Simply use a basic cleaner to keep it glossy and beautiful.

  • very strong

Quartz is also very strong. It does not chip easily and is very durable. However it is not heat-resistant.

  • man-made

Quartz is man-made. And because of this it has chunkier veins than marble does. It’s about 90% quartz mineral put together with 10% resins creating a fine stone collage look rather than the seamless look of marble. Because of the quartz mineral nature, some countertops have shimmery or reflective specs in them.

See these marble-like quartz samples we offer from the Calacatta series:

Lago                               Vicenza                          Luccia                             Naples



  • porous

Marble is porous. This means it has the ability to absorb stains if left for a long period of time even after it has been sealed.

  • requires maintenance

Since marble is porous it requires sealing at least once a year to help prevent damage from occurring. We offer a pro seal package option with your installation. With the pro seal, we will seal your countertop upon installation and give you the sealer to use each year. You should be covered for ten years, if you choose this additional package.

  • strong

Marble may not be as strong as quartz, but it is still a strong stone that will endure the test of time if you maintain it properly. Just re-seal it once a year and clean up any spills (including water) as soon as possible. It is possible to chip and does not take heat well, so be careful. Follow these tips and your marble countertops should be just as beautiful as the day you first got them.

  • natural

Marble is natural. Because of this, it flows more seamlessly and fluid than quartz. The veins are smoother and more elegant than the chunky put-togetherness of quartz.

See these marble samples we offer also:

Arabescus White       Carrara White Premium      Mont Blanc               Grigio Adriatico


It all boils down to this. Quartz is perfect for you if you want a care-free countertop that still looks lovely. However, if you love the more natural and flowing detail of marble, you can’t beat it.

Now you know! So which will you choose?

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