Top Granite Countertop Sellers – Inspiration

Shopping for the perfect countertops can be overwhelming. Sometimes it seems like there are just too many to choose from. Here we’ve collected what are our best-sellers. Knowing what most other people are picking could also help narrow down your options to make a decision about what you want for your own kitchen or bath.

Luna Pearl (granite)
Luna Pearl Granite is an off-white stone speckled with grays blacks and creams is a perfect neutral colored granite. It looks beautiful in kitchens paired with any color cabinets and appliances as it ties in well with any color spectrum.

Santa Cecilia (granite)
This cream colored stone is veined with deep browns and blacks. This granite will give any kitchen a classical, elegant feel with it’s earthy tones. It goes best with dark wood for a more nature toned look, but it can also be paired with more eye-catching colors if you prefer.

Typhoon Bordeaux (granite)
This tan colored stone flows with rich browns. It looks tranquil and gives a luxurious feel to any bathroom or kitchen. It goes well with cream colored cabinets creating a comfortable warmth in the room.

Napoli (granite)
This earthy stone combines light grays and tans with black spotted veins to make it a great countertop for kitchens. It does well with any color cabinets and appliances for a well balanced home feel.

Black Pearl (granite)
This black granite has some depth to it. It looks amazing in a bathroom or kitchen for a clean and classic look. It pairs well with any color cabinets but looks especially well with contrasting bright white.

Alaska White (granite)
This light grey stone blends with some cream hues while speckled with some dark browns and blacks. It is an eye-catching combination of colors and shapes and looks beautiful in kitchens and bathrooms where you want to draw attention to the countertops as the main attraction for the room.

Fantasy Brown (marble)
This marble blends light grays and browns seamlessly while balancing it out with veins of dark browns and blacks. It is a beautiful flowing array of colors and depth. It looks amazing it kitchen and bathrooms creating a peacefully elegant feel with its earthy tones.

Iced White (quartz)
This white quartz is spotted with pieces of off-white quartz flecks. For a clean and simple look, this countertop looks great in kitchens and bathrooms of all types giving an inviting feel.

Blanca Arabescato (quartz)
This off-white quartz has spots of white while medium grey veins circle throughout. For a marble look gained with the strength of quartz, this countertop looks great in any bathroom or kitchen for a casual, clean feel.

Calacatta Gold (quartz)
This white quartz has rivers of grey running through it resembling marble. For a simple marble look, this casual countertop looks great in bathrooms and kitchens alike. It’s a choppier look than real marble but it still looks elegant and clean.

Did any of these catch your eye? We stock most of these on our lot so stop on by today and see which one you like best in person.

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